About Bridge R&D Insights

Bridge R&D Insights is a leading provider of overall updates from global pharmaceutical companies related to approvals, deals and launch on Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis. Bridge R&D Insights also provides financial Data sorted by Deal Value and global sales of drugs of interest, and summary of upcoming events related to drugs of interest. For more details click here

What We Do:

  • Build interactive data intelligence services on drug related activities and ensure up to date information.
  • Web API data intelligence services on Drug Research, Clinical Trials, Key Patents, Abstracts, Future Events, Grants, Sales and Forecast by Company and Drug, Manufacturing Services etc.
  • Build offline tools for research and market strategy support.

How Bridge R&D started?

Our due diligence found two new data solutions to connect with global drug research companies and related parties,

  • Quick and ready to understand data on daily Pharm/Biotech company's press releases and analysis
  • Database with simple search options and up to date data

Database Answers below Client Questions:

  • Are you finding it tedious to search and sort latest Pharma related key events?
  • Do you want information on sales and other financial data for drugs of interest?

Bridge R&D Tool Provides Subscribers With:

1.Dynamic industry updates with latest research trends.

2.Daily/Weekly news letters and database searches update your competitive intelligence,

  • It will become your friend with latest information on drug industry
  • Helps across verticals within company and within industry like Drug companies, Universities and Investment firms etc.

3.Database features are,

  • Daily email alerts on recent news and new developments
  • Dynamic data analytics with every data search
  • View and export Contacts, Companies, Drugs, Indications, Future Events and Deal Value information
  • View and export Grants, Preclinical, Discovery, Research Agreements and Indications
  • Global coverage on Corporate Finance, Deals, Acquisitions and Mergers
  • New companies and drugs coverage by geography
  • Cost effective tool
  • Trend reports on latest drug research and industry updates
  • Customized data requirements with web API solutions

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